Managed Print Solutions

What is your perception of Managed Print Solutions will be the first question an iCopy Representative will ask you when you make such an enquiry. The truth is there are numerous systems and sources in the market place today, all are promoting the same MPS package but all with their own unique take on the phrase Managed Print Solution.

What are the aspects of MPS you are looking to implement across your print fleet and to what result? You can have reporting such as Track & Traceability, Consumable Management, Waste Management, Security Control, Colour Restrictions & Control and Energy Maximisation etc…

There may be only a few areas of MPS relevant to your Companies or Organizations interest to be addressed under the system. Most of the Suppliers in today’s market are promoting the expensive Software packages with all features available. However this comes at a huge cost i.e. annual licensing and support contracts based on the size of package bought. The Irish market is made up of mostly SME’s with a staffing level below 50 and such big Software MPS packages are overkill and designed for the Larger Corporate and Global Organisations with +1,000 Staff members to manage and control.

Nowadays most print & copy devices are equipped with a login feature free of charge where you can allocate Users with a unique PIN Identification Number which determines if they can print, copy, scan fax, use colour etc. It also calculates their usage and restricts the User when they meet their volume allocation determined by the Administrator of the Organisation.

We also put FREE Software on your network which reports back to our Service Department.

This allows us to read your meters and allows us to invoice service with accuracy and regularity without the hassle of phoning your staff to collect the data from each device. It also alerts us to issues or faults as they arise, thus giving real time information back to our Service Department allowing for a prompt reaction. We monitor your printer’s toner levels, with our preset alarm level we will be alerted if your machine’s toner level has fallen below the threshold set. When we get this alert we will dispatch the replacement toner cartridge with our courier for next day delivery.

We can even monitor part life expectancies and our engineers will have all parts on board for your next site serviceable date. All this is totally free to you and allows us to respond to issues in real time and thus ensuring you the customer with the maximum up time for your devices operating for you.

Feel free to log a call with our Sales Department and engage one of our Representatives free of charge to complete a site Survey on your organisation without obligation.


Key Benefits of having a Managed Print Solution.

  • Total visibility of current document production activity
  • Complete transparency of overall costs
  • Full control of document production spend
  • Significant “painless” cost reductions
  • Flexible Financial Management
  • Automatic Supplies Management
  • Consolidation of Printer Fleet

iCopy deliver real cost savings to our clients for their printing needs. We can carry out a very efficient analysis of your current print costs and quickly identify ways in which you can save money. It’s that simple.

Don’t be left paying over the odds for ongoing printing costs, contact us today to find out how you can save. 

The opportunities for COST SAVINGS and INCREASES IN EFFICIENCY are huge.